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‌CampuCast was designed by a former teacher and a K12 tech director to be the missing link between hardware you already have and the ability to stream live video to any audience you choose, PUBLIC or PRIVATE right from your existing websites.
We use industry standard software on your computer to send your stream, and it costs nothing to add additional computers to stream from. We set up a program called Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) with custom made graphics we design for your campus. We also create graphics for any unique "Student of the Week" type awards you may give out at your school. 
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CampuCast! It just works.

‌With CampuCast, you will have the ability to broadcast high quality video announcements LIVE from any computer you choose. We make it easy for any campus staff to stream content to classrooms...or the world.  Once our initial setup is complete, you simply double-click OBS and click "Start Streaming". 

‌It's as easy as picking up the old intercom, but WAY MORE FUN FOR EVERYONE!!

Just How Easy is it?

Easy Setup

We do all the heavy lifting for you and provide comprehensive video and written instructions for seamless integration and adoption.

Easy to Expand

Gone are the days of dedicated wiring and expensive equipment to deliver a simple video signal to classrooms.  Broadcast to your entire organization OR to the public from any internet connected Mac or PC.

Easy Control

Avoid the pitfalls and distractions that come along with YouTube or Twitch live streams and have full control of where your stream sits online.

Benefits of Involving Students in your Video Morning Announcements

Including students in video morning announcements can build confidence and communication skills, while also promoting teamwork and a sense of community within the school. It can also help students feel valued and recognized for their contributions to the school.

‌Here's a sample stream

We provide your team the embed code needed to place your stream on whatever web home you choose.  We recommend using sites restricted to your organization.  If you are at a smaller district without a lot of tech personnel - don't worry - we can help get you set up.


Upfront Pricing

No need to contact us just to find out how much our product costs.  These are our rates.  Like what you see?  Get an official quote!

CampuCast Basic

$2500/year per campus

  • 1-4 Schools
  • 720p stream
  • $500 initial setup fee per campus
  • Premium Email Support
  • Custom Designed Graphic Frames
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CampuCast Plus

$3500/year per campus

  • 1-4 Schools
  • 1080p stream
  • $500 initial setup fee per campus
  • Premium Email Support
  • Custom Designed Graphic Frames
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More than 4 schools?

Contact for Custom Pricing

  • CampuCast Basic or CampuCast Pro
  • Custom Designed Graphics for Each Campus
  • Click below to see our current pricing scale
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