Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your School Morning Announcements

28 Mar 2023

Morning announcements are an integral part of school life, but they can quickly become monotonous and predictable. Adding creative and recurring segments to your school's morning announcements can introduce an element of excitement and anticipation for both students and viewers. Not only can this improve engagement, but it also provides opportunities for students to take on leadership roles as producers of these segments. We've gathered some ideas to help you get started on adding new segments to your morning announcements.

Showcasing Faculty Members
Why not dedicate a segment to highlighting the amazing faculty members at your school? Whether it's a teacher, administrator, or other staff member, take the opportunity each week to interview them about their careers and how they arrived at their current positions. This segment can help build a sense of community and allow students to gain insights into different fields while also humanizing school employees.

Student Meteorologists: Weather Report
The weather report is a classic feature of any news broadcast. Consider turning students into meteorologists by producing a daily or weekly weather report. Use a green screen to create realistic weather graphics, and encourage students to design their own backgrounds for the report. This segment can be an engaging way for students to learn about weather patterns and presentation skills.

Alumni Spotlight: Interviews with Former Students
What better way to connect the past and present than by interviewing school alumni? Invite former students to talk about their experiences at the school, their career paths, and any advice they have for current students. Conducting virtual interviews can be a practical option if alumni are unable to visit the campus. This segment offers an opportunity for students to practice interviewing skills while learning valuable life lessons from alumni.

Featured Club: Highlighting Campus Clubs
Campus clubs are often overlooked despite their significant contributions to school life. Solve this problem by featuring a different club each week or month. Showcase the club's activities, interview club members and advisors, and announce any upcoming events. This segment not only gives clubs the recognition they deserve but also encourages other students to join and get involved.

Quote of the Day: Words of Wisdom
Start or end your broadcast with an inspiring quote. Whether it's a famous quote or one gathered from teachers and students, this segment can set the tone for the day. Display the quote on a still frame before the broadcast begins to give viewers a moment of reflection as they tune in.